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Watch Nooor TV Recorded TV from Afghanistan

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Watch Nooor TV Recorded TV from Afghanistan
General TV Channel / Noor Television Network is a Kabul-based channel that has been broadcasting successfully in major provinces of Afghanistan since July 2007. Ever since its launch, Noor TV has provided high-quality, original, live, and recorded programs. Noor TV celebrates Afghan culture; heritage and spirituality by providing programs that inform, educate and entertain.

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Our mission is to unite the many regions of Afghanistan under one Television Network. To this end, Noor TV focuses on the educational, cultural, and spiritual needs of the viewers by providing an array of culturally appropriate and educationally sound programs. In particular, Noor TV has dedicated programs to raise spiritual and religious awareness; promote health education; provide engaging educational entertainment for children; reach out to women and provide a platform for debate on national and world issues.




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