Watch NTV Niska Television Live TV from Serbia

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Watch NTV Niska Television Live TV from Serbia
General TV Channel / Niska Television or shortened NTV is local television owned by media magician Vit Radomirović. Prior to the privatization, it was owned by Nis. The company Nis "Niska televizija" was founded in 1995. On the 11th of January, 1996, the decision was made by the City Assembly. years. The NTV program is broadcast on 57 UHF channels. Cable distributors also broadcast the program via cable networks. Niska television in 2008 . In the same year, it was granted permission to broadcast programs at the local level. In 2009 , NTV started broadcasting programs on a global level, over the Internet. In November 2015, NTV was privatized. It was bought by media magician Vitko Radomirović.

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