Watch Ocko TV Live TV from Czech Republic

Watch Ocko TV Live TV from Czech Republic

Music TV Channel / Óčko is the first Czech music television channel, which started broadcasting in 2002. Majority of the audience are teenagers and people from the 12–35 age group. The program consists of music videos of music from all different genres including the latest hits. In addition to regular charts there are special shows, which concentrate only on certain music styles.

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The program also includes live concerts of Czech as well as foreign singers and bands. There is a big emphasis on interactivity. Up to 8 hours a day, the program is influenced by the viewers, who can either use email or SMS to vote for songs. Also very popular are the Óčko Music Awards. In this annual events, viewers send SMS messages to vote in different categories, which are divided into Czech and World. The categories include Best male/female singer, Best band, Best HipHop, Best Rock, Best music video, Best Hard&Heavy, Best R&B, Best Pop and also the Best newcomer. The ceremony is gradually gaining prestige.

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