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Watch Orient TV Live TV from Syria

Watch Orient TV Live TV from Syria

News TV Channel / Orient News is a Syrian media group owned by Syrian businessman, journalist and opposition figure Ghassan Aboud, based in Dubai, providing news service to the Middle East with a focus on Syria. Orient News TV, based in UAE, and broadcasts to Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Orient News TV aims to address Syrian viewers in specific and the Arab world in general, with cultural and entertainment programming as well as information and news.

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Orient TV opened in Damascus in February 2009, employing 149 Syrians. However the government soon had doubts about having granted a license to Orient TV, and in July 2009 Syrian security forces raided Orient TV’s offices. As a consequence Orient TV moved to Dubai. The station began broadcasting outside of Syria with coverage of the first civil courts established in Idlib province. The station presents a series of varied programs, including news, cultural, political, social, and children’s programs.

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