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Watch Panamericana TV Live TV from Peru

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Watch Panamericana Televisión Live TV from Peru
General TV Channel / Panamericana Televisión (sometimes shortened to Pantel) is a Peruvian television network, founded in 1959. The family of Genaro Delgado Brandt had owned radio stations in Peru since 1937. In 1953, Delgado Brandt founded Empresa Radiodifusora Panamericana S.A. ("Panamerican Radio Broadcasting Company"), whose primary station was Radio Panamericana. Panamericana has since seen many changes and improvements. While new programs have been launched, they have not fared well in the ratings; on the other hand, technological improvements have been made, such as the acquisition of new transmitters and equipment and the 2012 launch of an ISDB-T high definition digital television signal on RF channel 26.

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