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Watch Pax TV Live TV from Peru

Watch Pax TV Live TV from Peru

Religious TV Channel / Pax Television, is a television channel of Catholic religious content. The channel was created by a community of lay people committed to bringing the Gospel through the new media. It transmits 24 hours a day, a programming based on Christian values. The production, recording and editing of the programs are carried out by a group of dedicated lay people dedicated exclusively to evangelization.

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Under the motto ora et labora (prays and works), the channel lives on the providence without selling publicity or spaces with contents alien to its ideal, since what announces the word of God is its priority. That is why Pax Television is maintained with small alms and the charity of many hearts that make this great challenge to spread Christ through the media today.

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Somos una comunidad de laicos comprometidos en llevar el Evangelio a través de los nuevos Medios de Comunicación.

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