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Watch Radio-Televisao Timor Leste Live TV from East Timor

Watch Radio and Television of East Timor Live TV from East Timor

General TV Channel / Radio e Televisão de Timor-Leste, E.P. is the national radio and television broadcaster in East Timor. The radio branch of RTTL is known as Radio Timor Leste (RTL), which broadcasts in Tetum and Portuguese. Radio Timor Leste is broadcast 16 hours a day with 34 programs locally produced by a staff of 63. Seven percent of RTL’s programmes come from outside producers, including non governmental organizations and agencies.

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The television division of RTTL is known as Televisão de Timor Leste or Televizaun Timor Lorosae (East Timor Television), abbreviated as TVTL. Its schedule consists of some locally made programs in Tetum, as well as relay of news programmes and others from RTP Internacional. In the past it occasionally broadcast a few programmes from ABC’s Australia Network, and BBC World News. In September 2008, it signed an agreement with Brazil’s Rede Globo, allowing its access to that channel’s programming.

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