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Watch Red Guarani Live TV from Paraguay

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Watch Red Guaraní Live TV from Paraguay
General TV Channel / Red Guaraní, also called Canal 2 is an open television channel from Paraguay that broadcasts on channel 2 for Asunción and Gran Asunción. And it is affiliated with Televisa de Mexico. In 1997, the Manzoni family created Canal 2 Tevedós de Asunción with a basic program until 1998. In 2002 the name is changed to Red Guaraní and emerged as an initiative of Dany Espínola Durand (current deputy for Asunción) and Ulises Aristides (CEO of Bakus Internacioanal Inc.) to reposition the channel using local production with more than 18 hours of exclusive programming Produced in their studies located in the Textilia Complex. In 2014, the channel changes administration, corporate image and currently has a grid that offers a more varied programming, including news, magazines, journalists, sports and more.

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