Watch Regional Television Cuba Recorded TV from Cuba

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Watch Regional Television Cuba Recorded TV from Cuba
Government TV Channel / The Telecentro TunasVisión is the territorial television channel of the province of Las Tunas, Cuba. He belongs to the Cuban Radio and Television Institute (ICRT) and has two television correspondents in the municipalities of Colombia and Amancio and a municipal channel (Canal Azul) in the municipality of Puerto Padre. / Televisión Camagüey. Videos about the happening of the province of Camagüey, Cuba. / Tele Pinar television channel of the westernmost province of Cuba, Pinar del Río, and has as main objective to spread the world in the work of the Piarists in all areas - political, economic, sports, cultural, scientific - without neglecting the most relevant of national and world events. / ARTV Artemisa - Keep updated the population of the happenings in the Province of Artemis and the world. / Islavisión is a regional TV station based in Nueva Gerona. / CNC Televisión Granma Local television broadcaster. It offers provincial and national news. History, traditions and geography of the territory. Its headquarters are in Bayamo, Cuba. / TV Yumurí is regional television station from Matanzas, Matanzas Province. / TV channel of the Cuban province of Cienfuegos. Founded on September 5, 2000. One of the most laureates in television festivals in Cuba. Here you can find news, reports, chronicles and part of the channel's usual programming.

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