Watch RTC Tele Liege Live TV from Belgium

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Watch RTC Tele Liege TV Live TV from Belgium
General TV Channel / RTC Télé-Liège is a Belgian local television station broadcasted in the districts of Liège, Huy and Waremme. RTC Canal plus was created in 1977 as a first participatory cable television experience inspired by Canadian models. It broadcasts one hour of programming a week by Liège, to whom the channel supplies the technical equipment (light video). The RTBF Liège and Canal jobs are associated with PSTN 1981 to found Liege cable TV to which the center of local production of the RTBF makes a newscast daily regional appointed Liege Thirty Midi. The string changes to color. It was renamed Tele-Liege in 1988 and begins to multicast programs, starting with its newscast noon rebroadcast in the evening, then passes broadcast 24 hours 24 with the appearance of teletext.

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