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Watch RTL Tele Luxembourg Live TV from Luxembourg

General TV Channel / RTL Lëtzebuerg is the main public and commercial television channel in Luxembourg, broadcasting in Luxembourgish. It is part of RTL Group. Today, RTL Lëtzebuerg carries entertainment, magazine and news in Luxembourgish. Outside broadcasting hours, a live camera from the radio studio is broadcast, along with text news and traffic cameras. Programs from RTL Shop in French and sometimes German are broadcast a few hours a day, mostly in the morning.

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For a few years the station's only competitor was Tango TV, operated by Tele2 from 2002 to 2007. Its main competitors in 2012 are Eldo TV and Den Oppener Kanal (.dok). All other TV stations in Luxembourg only broadcast on a local level (Nordliicht TV in the north or Uelzecht Kanal in the south of the country). RTL also has a second channel, RTL Zwee, with mostly reruns and live sports programmes.

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