Watch Sanremo Music Festival 2024 Live 6 – 10 February 2024

Watch Sanremo Music Festival 2024 Livestream from Italy

Music TV Channel / The Sanremo Music Festival 2024, officially the 74th Italian Song Festival, is the 74th edition of the annual Sanremo Music Festival, a television song contest held in the Teatro Ariston of Sanremo, organised and broadcast by RAI. The show is being held between 6 and 10 February 2024, and is presented for the fifth and final time in a row by Amadeus, who also serves as the artistic director for the competition. As has been the case since 2015, the winner of the festival will earn the right of first refusal to represent Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

The 2024 edition of the Sanremo Music Festival is taking place at the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo, Liguria, organised by the Italian public broadcaster RAI. The artistic director and the presenter for the competition is Amadeus, for the fifth and final consecutive year.

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Second night
Fifteen of the competing artists will perform their songs.

Third night
The remaining fifteen competing artists will perform their songs.

Fourth night
The artists will each perform a cover of an Italian or international song from the past, duetting with one or more guest performers.

Fifth night
All of the artists will perform their songs one final time, with the top five reprising their performances before moving on to the final round of voting.

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Ghali – “Casa mia” (My home)
Alessandra Amoroso – “Fino a qui” (Until here)
Gazzelle – “Tutto qui” (That’s all)
Ricchi e Poveri – “Ma non tutta la vita” (But not for life)
Dargen d’Amico – “Onda alta” (High wave)
Angelina Mango – “La noia” (Boredom)
Fred De Palma – “Il cielo non ci vuole” (The sky does not want us)
Fiorella Mannoia – “Mariposa” (Butterfly [in Spanish])
Loredana Bertè – “Pazza” (Crazy)
Mr Rain – “Due altalene” (Two swings)
Geolier – “I p’me, tu p’ te” (I for me, you for you [in Neapolitan dialect])
Negramaro – “Ricominciamo tutto” (Let’s start all over again)
Rose Villain – “Click boom!”
Mahmood – “Tuta gold” (Golden suit)
Diodato – “Ti muovi” (You move)
Annalisa – “Sinceramente” (Sincerely)
Il Volo – “Capolavoro” (Masterpiece)
Emma – “Apnea”
Francesco Renga & Nek – “Pazzo di te” (Mad about you)
La Sad – “Autodistruttivo” (Self-destructive)
Irama – “Tu no” (Not you)
BigMama – “La rabbia non ti basta” (Anger is not enough for you)
The Kolors – “Un ragazzo una ragazza” (A boy a girl)
Sangiovanni – “Finiscimi” (End me)
Il Tre – “Fragili” (Fragile)
Alfa – “Vai!” (Go!)
Maninni – “Spettacolare” (Spectacular)
Santi Francesi – “L’amore in bocca” (Love in the mouth)
Clara – “Diamanti grezzi” (Rough diamonds)
BNKR44 – “Governo punk” (Punk government)

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