Watch Televizija Slavonije i Baranje Live TV from Croatia

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Watch Televizija Slavonije i Baranje Live TV from Croatia
News TV Channel / The Slavonia and Baranja Television or Slavonian Television started broadcasting on October 7, 1992. Slavonic television was then the third local television in Croatia. Already in the first year, 20 hours of its own program were produced weekly, and an external satellite program was re-edited. By the end of its ten year career Slavonska televizija je prilagodila tada novom Zakonu o telekomunikacijama, te je osnovana Televizija Slavonije i Baranje doo, koja je dobila emitiranje koncesije za sedam godina. Therefore, the then leadership of Slavonic Television decided together with a number of Croatian local television to create something new in the Croatian media space. A project exchange program called "Network" was born. In this way Slavonian television has been given the opportunity to present some of its shows to viewers throughout Croatia.

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