Watch Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation Live TV from Sudan

Watch Sudan TV Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation SNBC Live TV from Sudan

General TV Channel / Sudan TV or Sudan National Broadcasting Corporation (SNBC) is an Arabic language television network. It is Sudan’s national network and is government-owned and operated. Sudan TV is one of six television networks in the country. In 1962, Sudan TV started broadcasting in the Khartoum region. The signal was accessible in Khartoum city, Omdurman and Khartoum Bahry. One year later, General Mohmaed Talat Fareed established the station as a national broadcaster and signed a contract with Berlin Radio to provide technical support, cameras and recorders.

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In the seventies, Sudan TV expanded its transmission range when the General Company for Wireless and Wired Telecommunications built a satellite station. In 1976, Sudan TV started transmitting in color. Programming includes news, prayers, Qur’an recitation and a variety of entertainment such as children’s programming, talent contests, dramas and documentaries. A military censor works with Sudan TV to make sure the news reflects government policy. Sudan TV broadcasts on two channels and is also available via satellite.

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