Watch Tele Lumiere Noursat TV Live TV from Lebanon

Watch Tele Lumiere | Noursat Live TV from Lebanon
Religious TV Channel / Télé Lumière is the first Christian television station in Lebanon and the Arab world and was founded in 1991. Since 2003, it also broadcasts satellite programming worldwide under the name Noursat. Télé Lumière meaning the “Television of Light” was founded in 1991 by a group of committed lay people: Late Charles Helou, a former President of Lebanon, Brother Nour, Jack Kallassi, Late George Frem (ex. MP and minister), George Moawad, Rola and Sana Nassar, Dr. Antoine Saad and Christiane Debbaneh. In June 2003, on Pentecost, Télé Lumière celebrated its 12th anniversary as well as the launching of its satellite station Noursat covering European Union, the Southwest Asia and North Africa. One year later, in 8 September 2004, Noursat began its official broadcast in North and South America, United States, Canada and Australia.

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