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Watch Teledoce Live TV from Uruguay
General TV Channel / Teledoce (known as Canal 12) is an Uruguayan open television channel, launched on May 2, 1962. It was owned by the Scheck family, administrators of the newspaper El País until 2011, when it was operated by Sociedad Televisora ​​Larrañaga. It was the third and last open private channel that opened in Montevideo. His studies are located in Calle Enriqueta Compte and Riqué 1276, being the only one of the private ones that was always kept in its original place. Its first director was Raúl Galana, but shortly after, Horacio Scheck took his place. Currently Eduardo Radío is the one in charge of the channel. The antenna of the station was installed on the roof of the newspaper El País , but for several years it is located in the tower of Channel 10.

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