Watch Telesucesos Live TV from Ecuador


Watch Telesucesos Live TV from Ecuador

General TV Channel / Telesucesos is a regional Ecuadorian television channel, created in 1993. It began broadcasting on 3 of maypole of 1993, with 18 weekly hours of programming. It was the seventh regional channel of the country, after Telecosta created in 1972, Telecuenca created in 1975, Teletrece (later Channel Ecuador Canal 40, now Canal Uno International) created in 1980, Manavisión created in 1984, Ambavisión created in 1988 and Teleandina created in 1991. The channel covers the province of Pichincha. It broadcasts 18 hours a day of programming, most of it educational and cultural. It transmits from the city of Quito.

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