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Watch TNN Live TV from Thailand

Watch TNN / Thai News Network Live TV from Thailand

News TV Channel / TNN24 is a Thai satellite, cable and digital terrestrial 24-hours news channel owned by True Corporation, presents news, documentaries and sport news. TNN24 has a sister channel called TNN 2. TNN24 was founded as IBC News on 17 May 1989. It was the one of the first seven channels broadcasting on IBC satellite television platform on channel number 1.

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After IBC reached an agreement to found a joint venture with the UTV Cable Network and found UBC, IBC News has rebranded to UBC News and continue to broadcast on UBC channel 7. In 2006, the channel has branded to True News 24 as the network was rebranding to TrueVisions in 2007. In 2009, UBC News has rebranded to TNN and launched into two channels. TNN24 has launched into a 24-hours news channel and TNN 2 which presented news and documentaries.

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"TNN16 ทันโลก ทันเศรษฐกิจ ทันทุกความจริง ทันทุกแพลตฟอร์ม"

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  1. daniel stanley daniel stanley

    why are the presenters ans news readers still wear face masks ,they are 2/3 meters apart whats the problem ,thai is only country to force mask wearing on tv when they sitting apart ,its time to move on start living again ,most countrys have opened up now thai need to do same prime minister needs to go not up to the job

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