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Watch TV Arta Koha Vision Live TV from Kosovo

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Watch TV Arta Koha Vision Live TV from Kosovo
News TV Channel / KTV (Kohavision) is a television station in Kosovo, part of the "Time Group", owned by Flaka Surroi. Kohavision was founded by Veton Surroi on 21 September 2000, shortly after the end of the Kosovo War. So far, Kohavision is known for its urban visibility and 24-hour program. Kohavision was first aired in 2000. Since then, it has received much popularity, not just in Kosovo, but also in Albania and the Albanian-speaking population of Macedonia and Montenegro. She developed the most during the time that Veton Surroi led. Now, Surroishte was a preliminary owner of KTV-s, and his sister Flaka Surroi replaced him as managing director. Kohavision has been limited to just two hours of broadcasting per day, until 2002 in the form of a 24-hour broadcaster.

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