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Watch TV Bratislava Live TV from Slovakia

General TV Channel / TV Bratislava is regional television in Bratislava. The broadcast started on February 15, 2007. The station is a project of the TV production company Viva Studio sro. The founders are Ing. Mária Urlandová and Ing. New Year's Eve. It is the first and only television that is intended for the whole of Bratislava and the surrounding area. It cooperates with the City Hall of Bratislava, Bratislavská župa, all municipalities, municipal enterprises, cultural and other institutions in Bratislava.

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The inhabitants of Bratislava are particularly informing about self-government, municipal politics, culture and topics directly related to city life. The signal spreads through cable, IPTV and webstream. TV Bratislava is one of the largest regional television in Slovakia.

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Metropolitná televízia Bratislavy

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