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Watch Oromia Media Network Live TV from Ethiopia

Watch Oromia Media Network Live TV from Ethiopia

General TV Channel / OMN seeks to offer thought-provoking, contextual, and nuanced coverage of critical public interest issues thereby bringing much needed attention to underreported stories in the region. Our goal is to create a strong and sustainable multilingual newsroom that will serve as a reliable source of information about the Oromo people, the Ethiopian state, and the greater Horn of Africa region.

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We hold ourselves to the highest journalistic standards but unabashedly and proudly offer a uniquely Oromo perspective. We also aim to connect the growing Oromo diaspora to its homeland using innovative digital tools and people-centered storytelling techniques. Our high quality, high-impact multimedia content will be available in easily accessible formats including on the web, mobile devices, social media, satellite television and radio.

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OMN is an independent and nonpartisan news enterprise whose mission is to produce original and citize

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