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Watch TV1 Rwanda Live TV from Rwanda

TV1 Rwanda

Watch TV1 Rwanda Live TV from Rwanda

General TV Channel / TV1 started operating in February, 2014 with a wonderful vision to be the best education and entertainment TV station in Rwanda. Our strategic goal is to attract the Rwanda population to a new level of not only national, but also international awareness.

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Our mission as TV1 is to contribute to the development of Rwanda through the amazing programs we air on television. Such programs are educative, entertaining, have up to date news and 80 percent of the content is in Kinyarwanda.

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TV1 is a digital TV station. We broadcast through two major distributors licensed in Rwanda. The first signal distributor, Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA) has 14 transmitters located at 14 sites and the second signal distributor, Startimes Media Ltd owns 18 transmitters located at 6 sites. The most popular television in Rwanda. 24 hours 7 days a week Brodcast.

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