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General TV Channel / FREEDOM (UATV) is a state-owned Ukrainian Russian-language foreign-language channel. The purpose of the channel is to inform Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the Ukrainian territories temporarily occupied by Russia about the situation in Ukraine, created in opposition to Russian propaganda. De facto, UATV is a version of another state TV channel, Home/Dom, as the content of the UATV channel is taken from the TV channel Home/Dom (however, the TV channel Home/Dom has some differences in the program compared to UATV).

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In early March 2022, Starlight Media, Inter, 1+1 and Ukraina media groups organized the Russian-language marathon FreeDom on the basis of the UATV multimedia platform. The task of the “FreeDom” marathon is to give “Russian-speaking viewers from all over the world” the opportunity to learn the truth about the Russian-Ukrainian war. In August, the logo of the foreign broadcasting channel changed from UATV to FreeDom. The technical parameters of the “Dom” channel broadcast were also changed.

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Реальная картина мира для тех, кто знает русский язык. Правда о войне, преступлениях Путина в Украине, России и на территории других стран.

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Телеканал FREEДОМ — по-русски тоже говорят правду.

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