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Watch Vision 4 TV Live TV from Cameroon
General TV Channel / Vision4 Television - The Television of Your Dreams. Vision 4 TV: African Television. Vision 4 is television channel fron Yaoundé. Groupe Anecdote - Vision 4 TV, Sattelite FM, Africa Express. Headquarters: Yaoundé - Cameroon (Nsam).

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Television is run by Jean-Pierre Amougu Belinga, who also owns Media, L'Anecdote and the pan-African channel TéléSud 1. The station has a reputation for being close to Paul Biya's regime and supporting government action. Complaints were filed against comments made by some of his journalists on the channel. No notable sanctions were recorded, and the network was not subject to noticeable censorship by the National Communications Council.

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There are incriminating reports against members of the political opposition in Cameroon. Well-known experts of the Cameroonian audiovisual world took part in the debates on the channel - Eric Mathias Owona Nguini, Jean Baebec, Dieudonné Essomba. The promoter of Vision 4 TV claims that his channel supports government institutions and indirectly the President of the Republic, Paul Biya

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