Watch Willax Television Live TV from Peru

Willax Television

Watch Willax Television Live TV from Peru

General TV Channel / Willax Television is a Peruvian channel of entertainment programs, novels and political programs that is transmitted over the internet, cable nationally and also in TDT signal.

Willax (from quechua Willakuy meaning news) was founded by Peruvian journalist Gilberto Hume, along with his wife, also the Peruvian journalist Cecilia Valenzuela, in which it began to be broadcast first only on the Internet at the beginning of the year 2010, with varied news; but for the year 2012, also begins to work on cable TV on Claro TV 512 HD, and then from 2012 also enters to be transmitted by Movistar TV. For that same year, it is associated with the channel of Trujillo Sun Televisionto bring some of its news programs to the cable channel for Lima.

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Por naturaleza y convicción, Willax Televisión es un medio de comunicación que promueve, alienta y defiende una prensa libre y democrática para el Perú. Transmite valores y cree que el periodismo puede ser un oficio responsable, independiente y entretenido. Transmite en HD a través del canal 1.1 de señal abierta digital, MovistarTV C16 y 716HD, ClaroTV C12 y 512HD, DirecTV C1191, Best Cable C18 y más de 300 cableoperadores a nivel nacional.

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Willax Televisión - Canal peruano: Señal abierta DIGITAL 1.1 | MovistarTV C16 | DirecTV 1191 | ClaroTV C12 | BestCable C8 | cableoperadores a nivel nacional.

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