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Watch Xezer TV Live TV from Azerbaijan
General TV Channel / Xəzər TV - Private Azeri TV channel on general subjects, launched October 2, 2007, replacing the STV Khazars. The TV channel shows a variety of programs, television series and TV shows. In 2000, began broadcasting STV Khazar, before the appearance of the channel Khazar TV. This TV channel made programs in the Azerbaijani language and even direct broadcasts on mourning days. In September 2007, a meeting of the National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council of the Republic of Azerbaijan was held. At the meeting, Nushirevan Maharramlireported that in October Khazar TV will start functioning. On October 2, 2007, some media outlets provided information that at 8 pm the Hazar TV channel will start broadcasting. On October 2, 2007, at 20:00 hours the STV Khazar station was stopped and the Khazar TV channel was launched. For half an hour they showed the logo and intro, and at 20:30 a TV show of the "Agenda of the Day" was released. The guest of the transfer was Nushiravan Maharramli, the chairman of the National Council of Sports. The same day the broadcasting of the channel lasted until 01:30 hours. The logo was hesitant. Just "Khazar TV" or "Khazar".

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