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Watch ATV Live TV from Peru

Watch Andina de Radiodifusión y Television ATV Live TV from Peru

General TV Channel / Andina de Radiodifusión y Television, shortly known as ATV, is a Peruvian television network founded in 1959 and relaunched in 1983. What is known today as ATV started in 1959 with Alfonso Pereyra as its first manager. After unsuccessful attempts to run it in the early 1970s and subsequent political turmoil in Peru, the station was closed; however, it became a TV Perú local station for the capital area.

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By 1981, the channel was under new leadership. Carlos Tizón Pacheco, who financed the 1980 presidential campaign of President Fernando Belaúnde Terry, and then-president of local auto firm PROMASA, took over the channel frequency with his firm Andina de Radiodifusión, S.A., with test broadcasting commencing on May 9 the same year. After two years the channel returned to broadcasting on April 18, 1983, with President Terry presiding.

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