Watch ETV Live TV from Estonia

Watch Eesti Televisioon ETV Live TV from Estonia

General TV Channel / Eesti Televisioon is the national public television station of Estonia. It made its first broadcast on 19 July 1955. Eesti Televisioon (Estonian Television) was launched on 19 July 1955. Before that, television broadcasts in Estonia could only be received from Moscow. The very first Estonian-language tv presenter was Ofelia Mikk, whose debut was in the 19 July 1955 test broadcast.

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Alas, her tenure in television was cut short, because she misspoke out of nervousness. The bulk of ETV’s funding comes from government grant-in-aid, around 15% of which is in turn funded by the fees paid by Estonian commercial broadcasters in return for their exclusive right to screen television advertising. ETV itself is editorially fully independent.

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