Watch Gamavision Live TV from Ecuador

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Watch Gamavision Live TV from Ecuador

General TV Channel / GamaTV (formerly known as Gamavisión) is an Ecuadorian television affiliate of Televisa in Mexico. The belonged to financial Group Isaías and is operated by the Company Teledos SA Pacific TV in the cities of Quito and Guayaquil after the disappearance of its predecessor Gamavisión.

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Since the start of their transmissions, on April 18 of 1977, the channel is one of the most important networks of Ecuador, fifth channel of Ecuador. Until 2010 was channel matrix Ecuador based in Quito and channel matrix of Ecuadorians based in Quito. It is located in the Channel 2 in Quito, Channel 8 in Guayaquil and Channel 9 in Cuenca. Its slogan is "Do more of the things that make you happy."

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