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Watch HKS TV Live TV from Hong Kong
News TV Channel / "HKSTV" Hong Kong Satellite Television is a Satellite television network consisting of two channels, owned by Hong Kong Satellite TV International Media Group (HKS), based in Hong Kong, China. HKSTV Broadcasts to Hong Kong via Now TV and Cable TV Hong Kong, into every home in Taiwan via 5TV and also to Mainland China via CNTV. HKSTV is broadcast in Mandarin Chinese. The HKSTV signal can be picked up via Satellite in over 140 countries world-wide. HKSTV distinguishes itself from other channels by using a mix of foreign and Chinese television hosts. HKSTV was given licenses for six separate Channels and one Internet-based television Channel by the Hong Kong government in 2008. In 2010, HKSTV began broadcasting into Hong Kong. In 2011, HKSTV became the first Hong Kong television station to be broadcast into Mainland China via CNTV. In 2013, HKSTV began broadcasting across Taiwan via 5TV, and can be reached by every household in Taiwan.

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