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Watch Kan 33 TV Live TV from Israel
News TV Channel / MAKAN 33 is a public public television channel in Israel designated for the Arab public, on behalf of the Israel Broadcasting Corporation. The channel was launched in May 2017 and replaces Channel 33, which preceded it. The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation is an Israeli statutory public corporation founded in 2014, based on the Public Broadcasting Law 2014. It was founded with the intent to replace the Israel Broadcasting Authority (IBA) after the Israeli Public Broadcasting law ordered its closure. Its debut date was postponed several times, due to the Prime Minister's objections on structure and Journalists' appointments, which led to a legal fight on court between IPBC and the government, which is still ongoing. It started broadcasting on May 15, 2017. The IPBC CEO is Eldad Koblenz and its chairman is Gil Omer.

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