Watch Noor Al-Sham Live TV from Syria

Watch Noor Al-Sham Live TV from Syria

Religious TV Channel / Noor Al-Sham, also spelled Nour El-Sham, literal translation “The Light of Sham” is a state-run, religious satellite television station based in Damascus, Syria since 31 July 2011. The channel intends “to convey a broad and genuine understanding of Islam and its legal rules”, according to SANA.

Bashar Hafez al-Assad is a Syrian politician who is the 19th president of Syria, since 17 July 2000. His father and predecessor was General Hafez al-Assad, whose presidency between 1971 to 2000 marked the transfiguration of Syria from a republican state into a dynastic dictatorship tightly controlled by an Alawite-dominated elite composed of the armed forces and the Mukhabarat (secret services), who are loyal to the Assad family. Assad’s regime functions as a personalist dictatorship, and several political scientists and journalists describe it as a totalitarian police state.

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Bashar al-Assad’s reign has been characterised by numerous human rights violations and severe repression. The United States, the European Union, and the majority of the Arab League called for Assad’s resignation from the presidency in 2011 after he ordered a violent crackdown on Arab Spring protesters, which led to the Syrian civil war. The Assad regime has perpetrated numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity throughout the course of the conflict, leading to international condemnation. Assad’s forces launched a chemical attack in Ghouta on 21 August 2013, resulting in the deaths of 1,100-1,500 civilians. Investigations by the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative Mechanism and OPCW-UN IIT concluded that Assad government was responsible for the 2017 Khan Shaykhun sarin attack and 2018 Douma chemical attack respectively. In June 2014, the American Syrian Accountability Project included Assad on a list of war crimes indictments of government officials and sent it to the International Criminal Court.

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