Watch Live TV from Egypt

Watch Live Tv From Egypt
Watch Live TV from Egypt

Television in Egypt is mainly received through free satellite, while analog terrestrial represents 41% of total viewers. Egyptians spend a significant amount of time watching television, with 40% of people watching up to 4 hours of television per day. Since Egypt launched its first broadcasts in 1960, state-run channels have held a monopoly on terrestrial broadcast. The Ministry of Information strictly regulated private satellite channels as well. The Egyptian Radio and Television Union, a government entity, owns all 17 terrestrial channels.

Channel 1 and Channel 2 are the network’s main channels and broadcast across Egypt. The state-owned Nile TV is the main foreign language channel, aims at promoting Egypt's state point of view and promote tourism. There are 6 regional terrestrial channels, which used to all be broadcast to Greater Cairo, but as of 2007, only Greater Cairo channel (Channel 3) of the regional channels is broadcast to Greater Cairo. Most terrestrial channels were in fact satellite channels owned by ERTU, but simulcasted to Greater Cairo, since 2007. The state's 23 channels are reported to have, as of 2012, "a small and dwindling viewership". There are also many private satellite stations. As of 2002, there used to be only two, Al-Mehwar and Dream, though the government has a financial stake in both channels.

Since the 2011 revolution, more channels have launched, including Capital Broadcast Center, Al Nahar and TEN, which have managed to attract significant viewership. Rotana launched Rotana Masriya, a channel broadcasting programs aimed at the Egyptian market.

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