Watch Live TV from Serbia

Television in Serbia was introduced in 1958. It remains the most popular of the media in Serbia—according to 2009 survey, Serbian people watch on average 6 hours of television per day, making it the highest average in Europe. Digital television transition has been completed in 2015 with MPEG-4 compression standard and DVB-T2 standard for signal transmission. Serbia has a total of 7 national free-to-air channels, which can be viewed throughout the country. These are RTS1, RTS2 and RTS3 from the country’s public network Radio Television of Serbia, as well as private channels Prva, B92, Pink and Happy TV.

There are 28 regional and 74 local television channels. Serbia’s northern province, Vojvodina, has a public broadcaster, Radio Television of Vojvodina. It airs 2 channels throughout Vojvodina – RTV1 and RTV2. Via pay tv services those 2 channels can be viewed throughout Serbia, like many regional broadcasters. One of the largest and most watched regional broadcasters is Studio B, which airs across Belgrade’s metropolitan area.

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