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Television in Peru has a history of more than fifty years. There are 105 television broadcasters in Peru, 22 of which are in Lima. In regard to television receivers, in 2003 there were 5,470,000 — that is 200 televisions for every thousand inhabitants. The number of cable subscribers was 967,943 in 2011. The first experimental tramnsmission of television in Peru occurred on September 21, 1939, transmitting a film and an artistic program from Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe school in Lima. Another test transmission was made by Antonio Pereyra from the Bolivar Hotel on May 28, 1954. On January 17, 1958, the Ministry of Education and UNESCO inaugurated the State Channel 7 and conducted a test broadcast. The first commercial television broadcast was on Channel 4 Radio América in Lima, on December 15, 1958 by Nicanor González and José Antonio Umbert. Channel 4 Radio America's creation was possible because of an agreement with NBC and RCA.

Several commercial television stations followed, including Channel 2 (Radiodifusora Victoria S.A.), Channel 13 — later changed to Channel 5 (Panamericana Televisión S.A.), Channel 9 (Compañía Peruana de Producciones Radiales y TV), Channel 11 (Bego Televisión S.A.). Many of them soon acquired — or were associated with — stations outside Metropolitan Lima. In just two months, November and December 1959, Lima stores recorded sales of 10,000 television sets, and full page ads in newspapers and magazines announced the start of the era of television in Peru. By April 1960, there were 55,000 television sets operating in the Peruvian capital. The growth was explosive, considering the fact that in 1958 there were only 5,000 televisions.

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